What Does Leadership Mean?

Knowledge, Work Demand, and Gamification Theory

Ioannis Dedes


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What does leadership mean to you? What does leadership mean to your business? What does leadership mean to your workers?

Oh wait, I am getting ahead of myself. It’s very early to pose the general question of “what does leadership mean” at this point. We should start the analysis slowly…

What does leadership mean in terms of knowledge?

What’s the most common thing you provide to a company and the company offers to the worker?

It’s something mutual and something that is not scalable but is considered one of the most effective tools in the personal and the professional world.

Three words.

Knowledge. Knowledge. Knowledge.

Don’t get me wrong; there aren’t many companies that will reject allowing a person with a proven wide variety of knowledge in a particular field (Keep in mind the connection with the question what does leadership mean to you).

Sometimes, skills, experience, and personal perspective don’t outweigh the things 2 or 3 diplomas and numerous valuable online and in-person professional courses.

But taking into account the new reality and the circumstances that have recently changed the course of history, I couldn’t but think that something about the knowledge in the workplace has changed.

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What does leadership mean in the new workplace?

The professional environment is starting to deviate from the model of either/or, pro/con, virtuous/deplorable, all/nothing.

Interpersonal relations, skills of adapting to the new world, the ability to focus on collaboration, and experiences of giving out to the community are some of the most precious tools for today’s professional era.

Oh, and in case I forgot, leadership is the new black. People in the workplace have learned the hard way that leadership is the best thing since the creation of LinkedIn for…



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